$99 per Line

$25 per Jack / Wallplate



Fiber Optic

Speaker Wire

Additional charges may apply for:

  • lines installed in 2 story homes if ran from attic to first floor

  • lines installed in outside walls

  • lines ran outside due to lack of attic access to requested location

  • lines over 100ft in length

All of our copper cable is 100% pure solid bare copper. The cheaper (CCA) Copper Clad Aluminum may be used by some of our competitors. There is a huge difference in performance and safety between the two types of cable. Greater resistance and insertion loss degrades the signal over distance and any POE devices (such as security cameras and access points) installed on CCA runs the risk of a possible electrical fire.



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These versatile enclosures allow you to manage and distribute a full range of voice, data networking, audio, and video wiring from one central location.

With the advancement in Smart Technology and Home automation, these panels are almost a necessity today.

If your home does not utilize one of these, all of the wiring is just sitting in the attic. This creates limitations on the ability to provide you the best possible home networking experience.

structured wiring panel
pvc 2.jpg


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Buried PVC to run low voltage wiring (CAT6, Coax, Fiber Optic, Speaker Wire) from building to building to extend your existing internet, tv service, and audio to garages, work shops, sheds, decks, pools, etc.